Momentum gets you started and keeps you going in the age of digital disruption

Who We Are

Momentum is a specialist independent Technology and Digital advisory and consulting firm. We combine real-world field experience with subject domain expertise. We sit at the intersection of digital business, disruptive technology, agile software development, and digital marketing, sales and service. We view digital with a holistic lens across all business areas to provide expert insights and practical advice across the value chain.

We are trusted advisors to executive, private equity firms and entrepreneurs. We help our clients to understand how Technology and Digital can impact their business model or investment strategy, and create new sources of value creation. We also help them to mitigate risks and exploit opportunities to move from thinking about digital to becoming digital to rapidly realise tangible business outcomes by transforming and growing their business.

Our Expertise and Experience

Disruptive technologies and digital trends have changed how people do things, and how every business operates. As such our services are applicable to any type of business across a variety of sectors. We know what a great business in the digital age looks like from our proven years of field experience and practical expertise of disruptive technologies in digitally-native businesses and the start-up world. We bring together the intelligence and resources of a global consulting firm with the personal and bespoke service of a boutique.

Collectively with our consultants we have delivered engagements across a broad range of sectors in both B2C and B2B situations for companies around the world. Our sector expertise means that we deploy consultants with proven expertise that are highly relevant to each engagement. They understand the dynamics of the business environment across all key functional areas and bring a significant awareness of the business, technology and digital related challenges facing companies operating in the same sector. Together this makes for a much more broad-minded and influential engagement with our clients.

How We Are Different

We work collaboratively in tactical and strategic situations to solve complex problems with realistic options that will deliver against business needs. We keep things simple and clear, and that makes us easy to work with. We operate at your pace and in particular our engagements undertake a rapid approach that takes weeks not months. We avoid the traditional business model of fixed cost assets; we place flexibility at the heart of our operations yet doing so within a controlled and repeatable way that scales globally. Our adaptive global resourcing model flexes to your demands enabling us to offer the highest quality people that you only pay for when you need them.

We are not part of any other company, so we have no corporate goals to meet, products to push, external shareholders to serve or any other agenda whatsoever. Our core purpose and only passion is to provide relevant and independent expertise to clients like you. Our independence enables us to offer trusted advice and solutions to your business challenges, unlike other advisory firms and consultancies that map their service offerings to your needs, or sell solutions or services that you simply do not need. Any advice we offer you or actions we take on your behalf is custom tailored to your unique needs and situation; you only pay for the services you need.

Join Us

We are always interested in meeting and partnering with people that share our principles and domain expertise.

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