Digital and technology due diligence that surfaces downside risk and validates value creation opportunities

Technology is now driving the modern business. It has changed how they interact with their customers and how they empower their employees. Digital has revolutionised how things are done. It has changed how businesses operate and how people live their daily life. Technology and digital impacts every business regardless of size or industry.

Understanding how a business creates value within a digitally-enabled business has become increasingly complex. Traditional technology due diligence must now include an assessment of the digital capabilities that exist and the value creation opportunities that exist to deploy modern technologies and digital ways of working.

How We Help

We provide private equity firms and strategic buyers with an independent expert assessment on the suitability and maturity of the digital and technology capabilities, assets, operations and practices that exist within a target business.

Our specialist due diligence service reports on:

  • The extent that digital has been embedded across the business and the maturity of the enabling capabilities
  • The suitability of the technology, products, practices and people in enabling and supporting the investment thesis
  • The key areas of concern that should be addressed depending upon how digital and technology are positioned
  • The potential time and cost of reducing risks and hidden threats of disruption or disintermediation
  • The opportunities to create value by exploiting modern technologies and digital ways of working
We simplify and clarify complex situations into realistic and actionable recommendations. Our output is concise and insightful with a costed 100-day plan that ensures you have clarity on the battles to be won and how to kick-start your investment from day 1 in a way that continues until exit. We help you to avoid the banana skins and paying more than you should.

Our Approach

Our assessment is tailored to your investment thesis to ensure we focus on the areas that matter the most rather than a cookie-cutter template-driven analysis. We can provide a rapid red-flag or high-level assessment within a matter of days or a more extensive confirmatory due diligence alongside other areas of such as commercial or legal.

We can assess the following areas to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the target business.
  • Digital Strategy and Awareness
  • Digital Products and Services
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Data and Insights
  • Product Management and Software Development
  • Technology Applications and Architecture
  • Business Operations
  • Organisation, People and Skills

We perform a deep discovery to validate what exists and the claims of how it performs using an integrated approach to provide an holistic view of the target across strategic and operations. We consider the wider strategy of the business, not just the particular point in time. We balance qualitative field experience with quantitative analysis to provide a commercially focused report that blends real-world expertise with benchmark data. Our report is concise and easy-to-read making it suitable for any audience.


We have supported transactions that range from minority investments to multi-million dollar acquisitions and put our clients and their confidentiality first.

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