We rapidly identify the risks and key enablers to future business growth and provide tangible actions to improving digital and technology capabilities

Digital and technology are fundamental to the growth strategy of any business, it is not longer constrained to specific marketing or website teams. In many cases digital and technology are the business. We provide executives, investors and strategic buyers with rapid insights of the digital and technology capabilities that exist within a business, and the potential for new megatrends and eco-systems to disrupt the target’s business model, growth strategy or generate new sources of value creation and competitive advantage. 

How We Help

Capability Assessment

We assess the digital and technology capabilities, assets and operations that exist providing an independent view of areas that need to change and how to change them to reduce risk and surface opportunities to create value and reduce the cost to serve.

Buy Side Due Diligence

We provide an independent assessment and report of a target's digital and technology capabilities that is rapid and tailored to your investment thesis, highlighting downside risk and validating value opportunities with a commercial focus.

Exit Readiness

We know what great digital and technology looks like and what potential investors pay close attention to. Our expertise and practical hands-on advice helps you prepare for exit or a future round of investment with an improvement plan and independent report.

We have supported private equity firms, board executives and start-up founders in their investment decisions by helping them to understand the technology and digital capabilities that exist, illuminating risk and surfacing opportunities.

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