Our digital capability assessment tells you what needs to change and how to change them to drive value creation in the digital age

Digital is no longer optional. If you think “going digital” is not relevant to your business then think again. Your customers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, demanding and technology savvy, using mobile devices and social media as an integral part of their daily life. Your competitors have embraced digital within their workforce, with a focus on small teams and individuals that collaborate to create new ideas without fear of failing, encouraged by strong digital leaders.

Technologies that today are unimaginable will become imaginable and will transform societies, economies and industries around the world.

How We Help

We provide executives and portfolio managers with rapid insights of the digital and technology capabilities that exist within their business to determine if everything is in place to deliver their value creation plan and business strategy. We also identify the potential threats for new megatrends and eco-systems to disrupt the target’s business model or generate new sources of competitive advantage.

Our assessment framework covers eight core dimensions across multiple indicators to identify the level of capability and maturity across technology, digital, strategy, process and people. This provides insights into how the company is exploiting and leveraging these areas to create value and reduce the cost and risk of creating value. It also provides a benchmark against comparable businesses or industry sector.

Capability Assessment Dimensions

Our Approach

We tailor our work to your specific needs. We appreciate that quickly understanding your current capabilities enables changes to be made swiftly to maximise value creation potential. Our assessment may take the form of a ‘diagnostic’ where appropriate.

We rapidly make sense of your current situation, providing specific expertise and insights rather than the results of a tick-box exercise and template driven analysis.  This aligns key stakeholders around a shared vision of what digital means for them, their strategic ambitions and the current level of digital and technology capability that exists.

Our output provides you with holistic and practical recommendations and a realistic and actionable roadmap to deliver tangible business benefits. This enables you to understand how to improve the areas that matter the most at the speed most appropriate.

We help companies when they don’t have the time or expertise to recognise or respond to the disruptive threats and opportunities of digital and technology.

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