Digital Transformation is Dead

Digital Transformation is Dead

The phrase ‘Digital Transformation’ is no longer relevant. There. I said it. I’ve been saying it for some time. It’s become the most overused clickbait buzzword. Why do I think this? Let’s look at the two words, digital and transformation. Digital is a way of doing things, not a thing and certainly not a specific …

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Technology Applications, Architecture and Infrastructure - What Great Looks Like

Technology Applications, Infrastructure and Architecture: What Great Looks Like

Technology has changed how people and companies operate. It has enabled new business models that generate new sources of revenue and empowered companies to optimise their operating costs. For the majority of companies, technology is much more than a website and email campaigns. It comprises applications that can process millions of transactions per second, with …

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Technology Strategy Covid 19

What should be your Technology Strategy during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a global economic crisis that has never been seen before. Business priorities have shifted to retention of liquidity with defensive strategies deployed to reduce risk and increase performance. With uncertainty of the timeline, future planning has become impossible. Revenue and expenditure forecasts have been ripped up with continuous fire drills …

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Technology and Digital Capabilities for COVID-19

What technology and digital capabilities should be prioritised for COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to focus on operations more than strategic. What should be your technology and digital priorities for COVID-19 to insulate your existing revenues? Consistent customer experience throughout the life cycle Very few businesses are currently able to operate from physical locations due to social distancing rules. This has driven customers …

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What Is Digital Transformation

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital has been on the company board meeting agenda for some time, with the phrase “Digital Transformation” being banded about to looks of surprise, confusion, and optimism. But what is digital transformation, really? First of all, we should all stop saying “Digital Transformation”. It has become the most overused buzz phrase in recent years. It’s …

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Cybersecurity Safeguards in 2019

Cybersecurity has become a prominent conversation starter in personal and business life. Many of the threats today have been around for many years and the weakest point being people remains. The reality in 2019 is that the data you think is secret really is not. The bad dudes already have your date of birth, address, …

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The Technology Due Diligence Process

Technology due diligence has become a critical component in the investment cycle, for buyers and sellers. It provides private equity firms, strategic acquirers or investment banks with an assessment of the suitability and maturity of the technology ecosystem across software, systems, process and people in supporting future business growth. It enables sellers, such as start-ups, …

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What Is Technology Due Diligence?

Technology due diligence is the process of assessing and analysing the technology, process and people within a company as part of the acquisition of or investment in it. This provides the acquirer or investor with details of potential areas of downside risk and hidden opportunities to create value before committing to the transaction. But what …

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Serverless: Fad or Future?

Serverless is not a new term, it has now reached a stage in its development that has enabled technology leaders and software developers to see the value in serverless computing and more precisely serverless architectures. Serverless does not mean “no servers” but it does mean that developers don’t need to be concerned with the underlying …

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Email is Dead. Long Live Email?

Will email as we know it be dead by 2020? That all depends on what we mean by “as we know it”. In recent years the world has been using email incorrectly; by definition, it is Electronic Mail rather than Electronic Messaging, heck even ‘cc’ harks back to the paper terminology, imagine ‘cc-ing’ someone into …

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The End of Digital Magazines?

Digiday reports that Yahoo’s foray into the digital magazine arena has failed to produce the expected results and that the end is near. Specialist, rich content from big name journalists is failing to attract the audience of today, similar to native advertising failing to capture the hearts and minds of readers. One could say this …

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Why Is “Digital” Important ?

Digital is no longer optional; if you think “going digital” is not relevant to your business then think again. Your customers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, demanding and technology savvy, using mobile devices and social media as an integral part of their daily life. Your competitors have embraced digital within their workforce, with a focus …

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