Business Operations - What Great Looks Like

Business Operations: What Great Looks Like In The Digital Age

Technology and digital have fundamentally changed the business operations of companies around the world. Digital has changed how employees work and go about their daily lives. Technology is now embedded in every business function and process.

Companies need to adapt their business across 3 capability areas to connect employees and partners at any time on any device in a secure and available way, moving away from manual processes to automate key business areas. Below we give examples of what great looks like for each area.

Internal Systems: Anytime, Anywhere Operations

An overarching strategy is in place for digitising all business operations functions and this is a top priority for the executive board e.g. automated HR integrated with the ERP system. This strategy has been realised as is evident with the appropriate components being in place and used in business as usual activities.

The same approach and mindset that is applied to the customer-facing operations are applied to back-office operations to empower employees and business partners to rapidly deliver outcomes against needs. Voice of the employee insights is used to collaboratively identify and deploy tools and processes that work for them rather than top-down initiatives. Tools are used to pinpoint areas of poor experience and the supplier/technology responsible for it.

A remote-first approach is advocated where employees are able to work from a time and place of their choosing with no strict requirements for specific software or hardware to be in place. Collaboration tools are used across the business to optimise task management, communications and productivity.

Ways of Working: Reinvented With Automation

Remote-first working is the norm with technologies and processes promoting borderless collaboration and work/life balance. The business continually assesses how it operates and strips processes down to the essential steps. They reinvent ways of working to replace repeatable manual processes with technologies and tools such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Full end to end agile ways of working have deployed across the organisation, not just within product and software development e.g. marketing.

Governance and Compliance: Secure and Resilient

Technology and digital ways of working have been deployed to enable the company to meet its regulatory and compliance obligations. This enables an efficient means of full adherence to applicable areas as appropriate with continual measurements of conformance and performance.

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