Digital Products and Services: What Great Looks Like

Digital Products and Services: What Great Looks Like In The Digital Age

Customer experience is critical to the growth of almost every business. It requires the executive board to instil a customer-first mindset across every inch of the organisation, with a seamless customer experience across digital and non-digital channels that encourages loyalty, retention and advocacy.

Companies need to excel in 3 key areas to ensure their digital products and services attract loyal customers that advocate your company to their friends and family. But what are these and what does great look like for each of them?

Customer Experience Strategy: You No Longer Have The Power

The company places customer-centricity at the heart of everything they do, seeing this as the major business disruptor, not technology. An overarching customer experience strategy is in place that focuses on customer needs and encompasses all customer touch-points, online and offline, to present a mission and vision of what great customer experience looks like for the company.

It takes into account competitive insight, consumer research and marketplace data to present a unified ad unbiased voice of the customer. All functional units are involved in the creation and update of the strategy and incorporate feedback and insights from across the company to align all stakeholders on a shared vision and infuse a customer-centric and customer-obsessed mindset and approach.

Digital Channels: Personalised, Integrated, Available

Digital is not seen as a channel, it is seen as a way of how the business operates to engage with customers and do business. Fully integrated and personalised omni-channel experiences are in place that delight customers and create customer advocates. These are based on highly automated customer journeys that are continuously optimised using customer insights and real-time data analytics. Social media is used to drive brand and product discovery. This enables the business to invest in the channels that drive the most value.

Channels have 100% availability with accurate information to avoid customer frustrations and loss of business due to issues such as website crashes, incorrect inventory descriptions and stock, and uncommunicated delays.

Customer Experience Management: Empower The Business

All channels can be managed by any authorised user regardless of the device they are using and their level of technical expertise. Well defined workflows, audit logs and security enable expedited changes in a controlled manner. A single view of the customer is used to connect the experience to the customer using data such as behavioural patterns, complaints and reviews are used to create a better experience and guide them towards a sale or conversion.

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