Reagan proclaims the age of the entrepreneur

US President Proclaims “The Age of the Entrepreneur”

Entrepreneurship isn’t a new word.

The word has been in use for hundreds of years. In days gone by you needed skills to make something or capital to buy something. The possibiilities open to entrepreneurs have evolved through the years. Today, you simply need a credit card and access to the internet to bring your big ideas to life.

One stumbling block to entrepreneurship has often been the government of the day in the country in which the entrepreneur wishes to operate. Many have tight regulations, others stick high taxation on successful businesses. Others simply prohibit anything other than state run companies.

Many people think that entrepreneurism is a recent event, perhaps since the dot-com days of the 1990s through to the Facebook, Uber, Spotify businesses of today.

In fact the rallying cry to setup on your own and create your own destiny has been with us for decades.

We have lived through the age of big industry and the age of the giant corporation, but I believe that this is the age of the entrepreneur, the age of the individual.

This was taken from 1985.

Many people don't consider themselves to be enterpreneurs, and many feel they don't have what it takes to bring their ideas to market. The first step to anything is always the hardest.

So what are you waiting for? It won't come to you. Just go our there and make it happen.

Yes, now!

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