Mentoring enables your digital and technology leaders to grow and succeed by learning from the expertise, experience and insights of others

In today’s digital age the leadership skills required are broader than ever before. They must cover a broad range of digital and technology domains as well as expertise of leading people and teams from a range of cultural and geographical backgrounds.

To maintain and extend their skills, leaders need to be able to tap into the expertise and experience of others in an on-demand and fractional way to make best use of their time.

How We Help

Our mentoring focuses on the future and broader skills and needs for the personal or career development of the individual, rather than the tactical here-and-now problems.

We provide mentors that:

  • Are subject-matter experts with a broad level of experience
  • Prioritise development over the performance of their mentee
  • Stretch, challenge and check-in with their mentee
  • Provides insights into potential obstacles from their experience
  • Focuses on the needs, values and goals of their mentee

Our Approach

We focus our mentoring on 4 core areas.

  • Career Development
  • Improving Performance
  • Counselling
  • Sharing Knowledge

We tailor our mentoring engagements to fit the precise needs and availability of the mentee. This avoid rigid arrangements based on full-days and allocated days-per-month. We ensure we are there when you need us at the most unexpected time of day, or night.

Our mentors have extensive digital and technology expertise with experience across various industries.

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