Sell-side due diligence that positions your digital and technology assets to highlight their maximum value

Preparing for divestment of your business now requires a solid story about how digital and technology has added value during the period of investment and how it continues to create value and enables your investment memorandum.

This can include key details regarding the defensibility and differentiation of your technology and your ability to manage and exploit the threats of digital disruption or disintermediation in addition to the more traditional technology hygiene areas of systems, operations and people. This enables you to attain the highest possible valuation.

How We Help

Our sell-side due diligence prepares your business for exit or a future round of investment. It provides insights into your digital and technology capabilities as part of a sale or investment process. It also provides practical advice to prepare for the due diligence process.

This provides you with a realistic roadmap to improve specific capability areas in advance of any buy-side due diligence. It can also be used by potential investors as an independently verified expert report. Our service significantly reduces the risks associated with any potential divestment which is crucial in this digital age.

We have undertaken numerous buy-side due diligence engagements and know how to position your digital and technology assets and highlight their value to any potential suitor.

Our Approach

We understand that time is critical in any divestment process. We therefore tailor our engagement to your exact situation. We can help in the following ways:

  • Provide fractional on-demand expertise to accelerate your preparation
  • Undertake a dry-run diligence exercise to identify potential weaknesses and risks with remediation actions
  • Perform a formal sell-side diligence exercise to provide potential buyers with an independent expert report of your technology and digital capabilities
  • Fractional assistance during the transaction to support your people and teams including onsite interviews and fielding questions.

We help our clients to plan for a smooth divestment process and a maximum valuation with complete confidentiality.

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