Hands-on digital and technology expertise and real-world experience to start, accelerate or turnaround your technology and digital projects

A great business now requires a broad range of expertise and experience to be both digital on the outside and on the inside; customer-obsessed and employee-empowered. Digital is now the new business-as-usual, and this is only achieved by infusing digital and disruptive technology capabilities across your entire enterprise, not just within a specific area. It requires an holistic view of the business with technology, digital and leadership skills spanning a multitude of areas that are often in short supply and offered at highly inflated rates by staffing agencies or large consultancy firms. Momentum provides interim and fractional expertise that can start, accelerate or deliver transformational change, add strength to your existing capability or fill an unexpected resource gap.

How We Help

Digital and Technology Leadership

Our interim and fractional leaders are fixers that come from diverse digital and technology backgrounds. We can jump-start the delivery of your strategic initiatives, lead your people and teams, and deliver rapid and pragmatic change that drives long-term value creation.

Project Expertise

We can rapidly accelerate the adoption of change to make digital your new business as usual. We cover a broad range of expertise across customer experience, product management, data and analytics, technology architecture and cloud-native approaches.

Delivery Model

We devise delivery models that enable you to go from idea to market with agility and discipline, leveraging secondary labour markets and empowered feature teams. We can help in hiring new leaders and vendor selection for new systems or cloud providers.

Our expertise spans agile product management and software development, cloud-native, DevOps, digital marketing, sales and service, and digital culture.

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