Technology and digital due diligence that surfaces downside risk and illuminates value creation opportunities

We provide expert assessments of the technology and digital capabilities that exist within a target or vendor business as part of buy-side and sell-side due diligence engagements. This includes reporting on the following:

  • The suitability of the technology platforms, operations and people in enabling and supporting the investment thesis
  • The extent that digital has been embedded across the business and the maturity of the enabling capabilities
  • Areas of value erosion such as technology debt, scalability, efficiency and hidden threats of disruption
  • The opportunities to create value by exploiting modern technologies and digital ways of working

Our assessment is tailored to your specific situation to ensure we focus on the areas that matter the most rather than a cookie-cutter template-driven analysis. The scope of our assessment can include the following capability areas:

Technology Due Diligence Scope Areas

We provide clarity on the 'so what' questions with a clear 'get to green' route for any concerns. We can conduct a rapid red-flag or high-level assessment within a matter of days or a more extensive confirmatory due diligence alongside other areas of diligence such as operational, commercial or legal.

If you are preparing for divestment of your business, we can help you to prepare a solid story about how technology and digital has added value during the period of investment and how it continues to create value and enables your investment memorandum. Our exit readiness provides insights into your technology and digital capabilities with practical advice to prepare for the due diligence process including a realistic roadmap to improve specific capability areas in advance.

We have supported transactions that range from minority investments to multi-million dollar acquisitions, examples can be seen here.

Technology Due Diligence Resources

We have supported transactions that range from minority investments to multi-million dollar acquisitions and put our clients and their confidentiality first.

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