Our value creation framework rapidly accelerates the digital and technology capabilities across your business or portfolio to deliver your growth strategy

Creating value within a business is a continuous event. For an investor or strategic buyer, value creation begins at the point of investment and is planned pre-deal.

In the digital age, executives and investors need to adopt an active and hands-on approach to create and build value within their business rather than in a traditional passive and arms-length way. A variety of digital and technology levers and enablers can be used to drive value creation and knowing which ones to push and pull at the most appropriate time requires an intimate and broad understanding of digital ways of workings and modern technologies. For example data, artificial intelligence and cloud-native approaches are all areas that require specific domain-expertise.

Executives and investors simply do not have the time required to understand the current situation or possess the technology and digital expertise, either pre-deal or post-deal. This can hinder the creation of value on the way in and on the way out of an investment. This is more acute in situations of large portfolios and fast-moving competitive bid processes. This can result in poor investments, fragmented strategies, duplicate technologies, sub-optimal processes and inefficient resourcing.

How We Help

We support your value creation plans across the investment lifecycle. Our value creation framework enables a consistent and efficient approach to infusing digital and technology across all parts of your business or portfolio of companies. This drives new revenues and reduces the cost to serve that delivers increased returns for your stakeholders and mitigates the potential impact of future disruptive threats.

Our framework surfaces synergies and illuminates opportunities to reuse or leverage strategies, technologies, processes and people from other areas of the business or portfolio that would otherwise be missed or duplicated. In portfolio situations, it also provides guidance on which companies should continue to be held and invested in and those that should be divested.

Our Approach

We first seek to understand the digital and technology dimensions that are important to your business situation. This ensures we adapt our value creation framework to ensure we focus on the various dimensions that will drive value creation. Our framework comprises eight dimensions of value creation.
Digital Awareness
Digital Products and Services
Customer Lifecycle Management
Data and Insights
Product Management and Software Development
Technology Infrastructure and Architecture
Business Operations
Organisation, People and Skills

We then follow a consistent approach to understand your current situation, the gaps to success and a roadmap to closing them.

  • Capability Assessment: a rapid immersion into the digital and technology capabilities that exist today.
  • Blueprint: a future state value creation plan that defines where your business needs to be
  • Roadmap: a program to deliver your plan. This includes specific initiatives with high priorities first, action plans, and a method for tracking progress and performance.

Value creation in the digital age requires a hands-on approach and deep understanding of modern technologies and digital ways of working.

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